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You know what to do

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Whenever Rebel and I play "Fetch", and I end up holding his toy, I'll make him sit just so that he remembers that command.

Typically, I'd say, "You know what to do", and Rebel would sit without fail. In the past, I used to think that he was reall smart to understand sentences, and not short, straightforward commands. Then I realise something of late.

He doesn't understand the meaning of "Sit" anymore. To him, "You know what to do" means "Sit". Oh boy.

No wonder he doesn't respond to "Stay". He responds to "Don't cross the road without me!".

My boy is turning into Rudie, my friend's maltese who thinks he's human and hence, he refuses to respond to commands; you have to talk to him like a human being.

Breakfast attacks

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For 2 consecutive days, Rebel has been helping himself to my breakfast, which alternates between microwaved siew mai and ha kao (pork dumplings and prawn shrimps, for any non-Chinese readers) or egg-and-ham sandwich. Today, it was my siew mai and ha kao.

He got whacked of course. Firstly, he's already being fed super-premium organic venison meat (dear's meat by the way) that's costing me a bomb, and secondly, I'm not a very friendly morning person. I'm worse without food.

If he tries to eat my breakfast again tomorrow, Imma switch his diet to avocado instead.

Let him give you some love

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rebel's dickhead is heart shaped. Imagine that.


Sleeping on the job

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pardon the infrequent update of late. I'm settling into a new job, and just launched my own blog (finally). Warning: Parental Guidance required.

Anyway, Rebel has this habit of licking his own dick every morning, as though he is polishing his trophy... Just yesterday, he fell asleep on the job.

I wish I took a picture, but I was rushing for work. Still, such a Kodak moment.

Like Dog Like Owner

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rebel and I, taking a dog nap this afternoon. We look frighteningly alike, do we not?

Perfectly fine

Monday, January 15, 2007

The endoscopy indicated zero signs of abnormality. Apparently, Rebel's perfectly fine and in worst case scenarios, he is probably suffering from a food allergy. Thank god for that. He's on Addiction's organic food right now (Possum and Vegetables, I adamantly refused to subject him to some weird "Wild Kangeroo" flavour offered by Addiction). Let's hope that would stop his puking.

My poor son ran towards his bed the moment we got home. I had to place him in the hospital for the entire day and I guess he didn't like his 4x4 cubic square ward. He buried his head underneath his smelly pillow for a bit, before making his way to his favourite carpet for some body roll. Finally, he went to his newspapers and peed for a good minute or so. Poor baby. I guess he probably didn't want to pee where he slept and hence, he didn't pee in the hospital.

Here's he, falling asleep in my arms having been sedated earlier in the afternoon.

3 days of rebellion

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I cannot say for sure, what has gotten into Rebel, but he sure lived up to his name. Please allow me, this poor owner of a gangsta-wannabe Chihuahua, to share with you what I went thru in the last three days.

Day One: 4 January, Thursday, 2007
As per habit, I left my black pointed leather JWEST heels at the corridor upon reaching home from work in the evening. When I left home again for a party later that night, I discovered that Rebel has meticulously removed the sole of right side of my JWEST heels, without damaging the calf leather exterior. God knows how he did that. He must’ve developed fingers overnight or something. Since I was rushing out for my party, I settled for a brief scolding and left.

When I returned in the morning at 3am, barely drunk but extremely tired, I found out that Rebel did the same to the right side of my JWEST heels. I don’t appreciate his democratic behaviour. He got a good whip on the ass.

Day Two: 5 January, Friday, 2007
I woke up to a collection of poo Rebel placed at various touch points of my apartment. I wondered if they were strategically placed. The first pile was located at the entrance of the bathroom, the second at the entrance of the kitchen, and finally, the last pile at main entrance of my apartment. Needless to say, I whipped his ass again and went to work.

He seemed apologetic enough in the evening when I returned from work. He was extremely well-behaved, even waiting for my permission before jumping on the sofa with me. On a normal day, he’d jump on the sofa before I even lay my butt down. So yes, it was nice to see Rebel behaving well for once… Until “the other man”, my dad, decided to piss him off.

My dad was doing one of his usual I-am-the-man-who-knows-it-all stint in between commercials of a Hong Kong serial drama show when Rebel deliberately let out a Yeah, right grunt. My dad’s ego was bruised by Rebel’s interruption and he ceased the conversation immediately and stared at Rebel. Rebel stared back. Staring continued for a couple of minutes. My dad rolled up his Punter’s Way magazine. Rebel’s ears pointed forward and his growl was getting louder and louder.

My dad’s picking a fight with my dog. You have got to be kidding me? I thought.

Before I could ponder any longer how absurd this scenario was, my dad stood up grinning, went towards Rebel with his rolled-up magazine. Obviously, my dad was just fooling around but Rebel didn’t know that. He leaped off the sofa and attempted to bite my dad. My dad wasn’t too pleased, and complained immediately that Rebel was disrespectful.

Respect from a dog? Huh? I was absolutely bewildered.

My mum then stepped in and chided my dad. “It’s YOUR fault! You wanted to hit him, of course he’d bite back. What do you expect him to do? Remain still and let you hit him? Stop it right now!”

Now my mum’s taking sides. Rebel’s side. Ok, the commotion we’re creating is even more dramatic than the Hong Kong serial drama show.

My dad grumbled under his breath and went to the bedroom. Rebel realized he won, and proceeded to give my face a little lick. No, really, I kid you not.

Day Three: 6 January, Saturday, 2007
Rebel and I had an appointment with the super-hot-and-oh-so-sexy vet, Dr Lau, from Animal Recover Centre. It’s about Rebel’s puking (no it has not gone away) and his newly formed hunchback. How do you tell a dog not to hunch, by the way?

Anyway, when we were walking back to the taxi stand, Rebel decided to leap off my arms and run off. I was furious alright. Try chasing your dog around the entire shopping mall with passerbys laughing and see if you would get mad too. I know Rebel hates the vet visits but no choice what?!

Pray for him would you? He is due for an endoscopy next Friday. He will be sedated, upon which a microscopic camera will be shoved down his throat. We need to see if his dontknowwhat tube to his small intestine from his stomach is indeed too small, and hence, causing him to repel his food. If so, a surgery is required.

God, I hope it goes well. My baby boy’s gonna be sedated for the first time. ☹