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They bark, not type.

Monday, August 28, 2006

I stumbled a few local dog blogs this morning. Oddly enough, the blogs are recorded by the dogs themselves. Is it just Rebel being inadequate or have dogs somehow mastered typing? Maybe it's just me (no wait, I think it's just me) but I cringed at every single post where the owner tries to type as though its his or her dog typing. I don't get the logic of pretending to be the dog, and I'm glad I don't. Rebel will sue me for defamation if I ever impersonate him that way.

It's cheesy. It's silly. And it's way too hello-kitty. Next thing you know, these owners will start dressing their dogs to match their own attires. Trust me, I have already witnessed one such case.

I'll bet my last pack of cigarettes that they probably babytalk to their dogs too.

That, I'll leave to another day for debate.

I'll like to check this in please...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I had to go on a last-minute business trip last Friday night to Beijing and Xiamen. I have been so damn busy prior to my trip, it's a miracle I even managed to find time in between getting off from work and rushing to the airport to walk Rebel. I even managed to slot in a bath for him.

JJ came to pick me up to the airport. Whilst waiting for me for get ready, she got creative with Rebel...

Kinda cute until I ripped Rebel's fur out when I removed the luggage label from his back.


The Rubber Band Punishment

Saturday, August 05, 2006

When I was little, my tutor used to snap a rubber band upon my hand everytime I forget to complete my homework. Those days are gone, but tonight, my past was brought back thanks to Rebel.

An hour ago, Rebel, who was resting on the sofa with me, leaped across to the armchair (where my legs were resting upon) and bite my dad who was walking pass. Instinctively, my dad grabbed the nearest object he could find, and was about to swing it across Rebel's face when he realised it was just a harmless teddy bear.

Yes, I happen to have a teddy bear in the living room. It belongs to Rebel.

Anyway, back to the story. My dad dropped the teddy bear and went into the kitchen. When he reappeared, he was armed with a rubber band, grinning from ear to ear like Saddam with a AK-47. Aim properly, I warned. Either he didn't hear me, or he was blind. I got hit instead.

Thanks huh, sonny boy.


Snipped Rebel's super-long whiskers off today because he was starting to resemble a cat.

Nope, he ain't happy about it.


Humpty Dumpty

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Last night, I had a nightmare and I accidentally kicked Rebel off my bed.

Poor bugger.