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So does he bite?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I get asked that question quite a fair bit by friends and passerbys who get drawn in by Rebel's natural good looks.

It depends, I answer.

On what? They ask.

His mood, I reply.

Rebel either likes you, or he doesn't. He doesn't practise free love. He doesn't acknowledge the advantages of good PR skills. I am what I am, now take it or leave it. That is his motto. Then again, dogs don't get judged as easily as humans do.

I envy him. It's easy for Rebel to keep it real. He doesn't need to be wary of other dogs who may wag their tails in front of him, and bite his the moment he turn his back. He doesn't need to need to put on a smile or be forever labelled as rude, arrogant, and whatnot. He is only answerable to his owner - me, and nothing else really matter.

What a contrast it is to our lives. Everything seems to matter to us. What do I wear today? Do I need to wish someone I don't like Happy Birthday? I think I should. Oh god they just had lunch with her and now they're calling her a bitch? I thought they were her friends. Ok, so what do I do now? What if what I'm doing is wrong? But if I wait for a confirmation, am I gonna be deem as slow?

Like I said, I envy Rebel.Dogs don't get judged the same way humans do.

But lucky me. Rebel doesn't judge me too.

Here's Rebel and his pride. ;)

When dogs fall in love...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

... they just hump IMMEDIATELY. Sniff the ass, discover the age and gender, and off you go! Hump away!

I'm serious. That's what I've realised when I brought Rebel to the dog farm with a few of my friends. Oh! I have to say something first! After 3 months of yearning, Rebel finally met Ginger again! And he stuck to her like glue, even though that hottie she is, wasn't quite interested in boys shorter than her.

Rebel got a little carried away here... And yes, you're right, that's Ginger.

Here's the reason why Rebel loves Ginger so much. She's the Angelina Jolie of all dogs!

Sometimes, when dogs introduce themselves to each other, all they need to do is to stare. Like these fellas.

And when they're done with introductions, they start humping away.

And they hump... The Schnauzer, by the way, is my friend's male (yes, male) dog called Vodka. He's really popular with the other male dogs. We wonder why.

And when you have dogs fighting over you, it gets quite messy. Rudie (the Maltese), bit fur off the Japanese Spitz! And that's because he has a huge crush on Vodka for the longest time. Pisses you off to see your stud being humped by another, won't it?

That didn't stop the Japanese Spitz... And I think Vodka was just giving a sympathy fuck.

Here's how Rudie and Vodka's parents look like. Guess who owns who?

And here's ever-so-kind JJ, providing a mobile water cooler for random dogs. It was for Rebel, but he was too preoccupied with Ginger to drink. Basically, he'd rather die of thirst, than die of not cumming.

Rebel, unfortunately, had a golden retriever for a rival. And well, like most girls, they prefer the hunky ones.

Rebel didn't care how good looking the bloody golden retriever was. He had his paws firmly over Ginger like a possessive Korean boyfriend.

And finally, here's Rebel with his mummy. Ya ya... he was still looking at Ginger.

Anyone heading to the Dog Farm at Lor Halus the next time with your dogs, let me know? Rebel needs to meet more dogs!

Marky Mark

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just walked Rebel. May I present to you, his impressive record of street accesories marked:

1. Lamp post: 2
2. Void deck pillar: 3
3. Tree: 1 (only because he was once bitten by a red ant whilst peeing at a tree)
4. Trash bin: 2

I think Rebel is trying to claim ownership of the entire neighbourhood. Woot! My boy's getting gutsy! And turning into a bloody one-dog Mafia clan.

I better stop him from doing the same later at Gen's. Six Avenue's too expensive for Rebel to mark. I might get sued by a Schnauzer.


Back for Good

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rebel knows these things. On the night that I was to leave for London, Rebel knew. A long morning walk in the park, the sudden overload of affection from me, the frantic packing of waytoomuch clothes... he figured something was up. That night itself was incredibly tough for me. Rebel was probably feeling just as upset too. He showed his unwillingness to let me go by sitting on the jacket I needed to pack into my luggage.

According to my mum, when I left that night, Rebel was extremely anti-social and refused to entertain the family. His appetite stayed, thank god. I left him the unwashed top I wore during the day, so that my scent (body odour, rather) keeps him company. He wrapped himself in my top that night when he slept. I teared when my maid told me that the following day on the phone. Bugger. Never thought I could miss my baby boy that much.

Throughout my trip, I called every couple of days to check on him while making "I'm alive" confirmations to my mum at the same time. He has gotten close to my family progressively during my absence. Heck, he even slept with my maid. It's comforting to know that my baby boy is such a tough cookie, but damnit! HE SHOULD BE MISSING ME MORE! That swine forgot about my unwashed top by the second day! How sensitive is that!?

I kept getting reminded of Rebel each time I saw a dog strolling with his/ her owner down the streets, be it London, Amsterdam or Paris. It didn't help that my aunt has a 6-year-old Westie named Toto as well. Oh, at that, I'd like to proudly say that I taught Toto how to paw. Give credit to the teacher, not the learner. Not unless it's Rebel. Hah.

Thanks to a 3-hour flight delay (the plane we were on needed immediate repair, can you beat that), I got home late last night at about 10ish. I was half afraid that Rebel would forget me. You never know, right? I heard Chihuahuas can be quite pissy with owners that neglect them. Fortunately for me, Rebel was far from what I've envisioned. He stormed to me habitually with a toy in his mouth when I shouted for him at the gate, and it felt as though I never left.

Except of course, I did leave and thus, with no one permitted to shower Rebel (don't want no water entering his huge ears and making him go deaf), he fucking stinked. For the lack of a better description, he smelt like a 2-weeks-old underwear. Heh.

When I unpacked my luggage, Rebel helpfully hopped into it to help remove my dirty laundry. It was such a cute sight!

I think he was looking for my yellow thong. Hmm.

I truly enjoyed my trip (who's asking... haha) but I'm glad to be back. I had missed Rebel so bad. Although right now, with him sticking to me like glue and not leaving me for even 5 minutes to pee, I'm starting to get irritated. Hehe. But I love him anyhow.