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Bedroom Antics

Saturday, September 30, 2006

As Rebel grows each day, I can't help but notice how he's increasingly befitting the image of a Protector. At times when I place him in bed with me, he would prefer to snuggle at my feet, facing the bedroom door, as opposed to snuggled in my arms under my feet. He works like a 7-11 bell, really. Each time someone attempts to open my bedroom door, he would growl.

Sweet, ain't it? I don't recall any of my ex-boyfriends even being that protective!

At times when I leave my bedroom door open whilst I work or blog (like now!), Rebel would place himself at the door, living up to the title of a door bitch quite appropriately.

And no... I have yet to find a dogsitter for him! Shite!

Dogsitter Still Wanted

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Urgh... I'm approaching October and there has been zero takers for Rebel. Zilch. I guess I overestimated Rebel's attractiveness. Damn. I figured, if I don't find anyone by the mid of next week, I will:

1. Place Rebel on a daily basis at my Aunt's place in Bedok. She has a blind maltese named Marl (her daughter named him after her favourite brand of cigarettes). I'll bring Rebel by next week and we'll see if they get along.

2. Ask the local breeder if he's willing to keep Rebel together with his pack of Chihuahuas. My only issue is, Rebel will naturally be caged up in a playpen like the rest, and I'm not sure if he's going to like it that much. But then again, at least he knows the local breeder.

Hmmm. Now if only I have Ginger's number. She stays in the block opposite mine!

Dogsitter Wanted

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My maid's going back to her hometown for the entire month of October, and there won't be anyone at home during the day to take care of this little rascal. I need someone who is able to babysit Rebel from 8am - 8pm on weekdays, and the occasional Saturdays. If you live in Pasir Ris, and is willing to help, let me know.

Obviously, the volunteer needs to be one who love dogs and doesn't mind Rebel's lethal farts, amplified snoring and infamous puking (that happens once every week or so).

And yes, Rebel's toilet trained.

Email me at patricia.law@tbwa.com.sg if interested. Thanks.

A special visitor

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The local breeder came by my home yesterday to collect the dog training VCD I've borrowed eons ago from him. We chatted for a bit before he asked me to bring Rebel down to him after I made the remark about how difficult it is to cut the latter's stupid nails. "Bring him down and I'll cut them for you..." he offered. Rebel's lucky to have lived with him for 7 months.

While it didn't surprise me at all, I was still glad nonetheless that Rebel remembered the local breeder. His tail wagged with joy and it felt as though he was saying "Hey I miss you!". I felt a hint of jealously in me when Rebel gave more attention to him than me, but otherwise, it was a comforting sight of loyalty.

Previously, I played hairstylist and snipped Rebel's super-long whiskers with a huge pair of scissors. Edward Scissorhand I was so not, and the local breeder was kind enough to correct my catastrophe. He gave Rebel a complete makeover! With reduced whiskers, Rebel now looks months younger! So so so bloody gorgeous... It's like Aidan from Sex and The City - with long hair and without!

Since I haven't been diligent feeding you guys with pictures of late, here's a series of Rebel having his afternoon nap yesterday.

And for those who needs a perfect after-lunch desktop wallpaper, double-click the following:

Makes you wanna sleep too, doesn't it?