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Perfectly fine

Monday, January 15, 2007

The endoscopy indicated zero signs of abnormality. Apparently, Rebel's perfectly fine and in worst case scenarios, he is probably suffering from a food allergy. Thank god for that. He's on Addiction's organic food right now (Possum and Vegetables, I adamantly refused to subject him to some weird "Wild Kangeroo" flavour offered by Addiction). Let's hope that would stop his puking.

My poor son ran towards his bed the moment we got home. I had to place him in the hospital for the entire day and I guess he didn't like his 4x4 cubic square ward. He buried his head underneath his smelly pillow for a bit, before making his way to his favourite carpet for some body roll. Finally, he went to his newspapers and peed for a good minute or so. Poor baby. I guess he probably didn't want to pee where he slept and hence, he didn't pee in the hospital.

Here's he, falling asleep in my arms having been sedated earlier in the afternoon.

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