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Go fetch!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

You know you have neglected your dog for too long when he starts playing Fetch with himself. In the past month of absolute craziness at work, Rebel wittedly taught himself how to play Fetch. He would hold his little red ball in his mouth, throw it a few feet away by means of swinging his head, and then run after it.

Funny how it’s amusing and depressing at the same time.

I haven’t been able to blog of late due to my mammoth of work. It’s starting to get better, thank god. In my absence, Rebel has proven to be quite an independent chap. He has learnt to cope with being alone at home (no, I decided against having anyone babysit him while my maid was away) and well, the Fetch thing simply takes the cake.

I tried compensating the lack of anyone present during the day by walking him every morning. It was tough financially alright – because I ended up taking the cab to work each morning (S$20 per trip, mind you) but I suppose that’s the least I can do since I wasn’t able to see him til midnight each day. Yes, it was miserable for the both of us.

Rebel became friends with the residential cleaner, whose work takes place in the morning. Despite being Malay, he didn’t appear to be put off by Rebel for being a dog. Everyone, say hi to Man (pronounced “Mah-an”). I’m glad my work slowing down. I miss my life. I miss Rebel.