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Rudie Bites Rebel

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rudie is gorgeous. And he looks so gentle. But don't let the ivory white fur fool you now. Rudie's incredibly territorial and he sure as hell won't let you roam about his house without his permission. And he doesn't give permission.

Rebel met Rudie for the second time yesterday since Christmas. Rebel's a little more grown up now, and unlike the last time, he was more eager to roam about a stranger's home these days.

Unfortunately, I think Rebel caught Rudie on a bad day. Rudie made his presence felt with the constant growling and barking. And Rebel, being the pussy that he is, was petrified to say the least.

We tried to place them close together and introduce them to each other. Bad mistake. Rudie bit Rebel on the nose. Hahahahaa.

I think Rebel was pretty shaken up. He cried like a baby. Oh dear. Well at least his nose is still intact.

Parenting Advice

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I complained to my mum just the other day on how Rebel has picked up a really bad habit of taking his Pro Plan kibbles from the kitchen, using his mouth as a makeshift poach, and bringing them to the living room to eat.

"I see no difference in that and you insisting on eating in front of the TV instead of at the dining table." snorted my mum.


I woke up 2 days back to the sight of Rebel's poo in my living room. Being quite a moody morning person, especially when I have yet to consume my 16oz coffee, I took him up in my left arm and slapped his butt 5 times until he cried. My dad chided me for doing so, saying "Why do you have to hit him so hard?!"

"Why not!? I don't see you saying that when you were hitting me (as a kid)!"

He shut up and went to work promptly.


Wire Muncher

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I failed to log online last night to update Rebel's blog because that bugger had brilliantly munched my cable wire until it resembled minced meat. Now I've to go get myself a new cable wire. Grr.

The night before, I sunk into the darkness of my room and started crying. Something had happened, and I wasn't feeling the best of moods. Rebel must've heard me, for he jumped up my bed using the designer stool by the side, and came up to me to lick my tears dry. Afterwhich, he snuggled up next to me. Just like that, I stopped crying.

And that's why he's forgiven for removing my internet access.

Who let the dogs out?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Had a ball today hitting the drums at the Studio. Wooot. I think I love this newfound instrument. So does Rebel. Heck, he even came up with an album titled Who let the dogs out?.

Available in all good music stores and Morpheus.

Baby Steps

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rebel's progressing pretty well with his reactivated paper training. With exception to once when he peed on the floor simply because there weren't any newspapers left, he has been dutifully leaving his business where it should be.

On the first morning into his paper training, I locked him up in the kitchen instead of having him sitting next to me reading the daily papers together like we do every morning. He didn't take it that well, and he won't stop pounding his paws against the kitchen's sliding glass door. I let him out after he peed. The poor boy was so exhausted from all that pounding that he laid still like a dead fish.

He's still not too pleased about having to skip daily paper readings with me though. And in light of escaping being dragged to the kitchen, he discovered a new hiding place. Under the armchair Jesse used to use as a kennel.

Just for laughs, here's hime getting himself entangled with his stupid toy. Silly dog.

Resting Thy Arse

Friday, February 17, 2006

Even a dog needs to rest his ass when chewing a bone.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rebel has officially stopped doing his business totally on the newspaper. Despite the constant scolding and occasionally beatings, he adamantly refuses to obey the need to dedicate his business within the perimeters of a national broadsheet paper. It is frustrating to know that it's possible for a puppy to "unlearn" a skill.

Out of desperation, I called the local breeder up today. He suggests that I confine him to the kitchen where the newspapers are, for at least a month, or until he "gets it".

I guess that's the only way.

Everywhere. Anywhere.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I have officially ran out of ideas of preventing Rebel from peeing and pooing all over the apartment.

Initially, we thought he had a thing for the expensive Arabian carpets and hence, much to my mum's unhappiness, I removed every piece from the surface. Then he continued peeing at the exact same spot. That spot was then given a major Dettol defragmentation to kill off the scent. That obviously didn't work, for he decided to move on by peeing and pooing everywhere. Anywhere.

The thing is, Rebel does his business on the newspapers. But at the same time, he finds it amusing to pee/ poo NEXT to the newspapers on the marbled floor. How fucking irritating is that?!

I'm not sure what else to do anymore. The "magazine-beating" treatment doesn't seem to work.

Someone please help me.

Measure and see!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Heh. Need I say more?

The Simple Things

Friday, February 10, 2006

It's always the simple things that matter. The simple things seam together to form a nice beautiful blanket that keeps us warm and fuzzy, against the merciless cold.

The simple things that Rebel does plaster a smile upon my face always. Like how he refuses to get off my dad's favourite seat because that's his favourite seat too. Or how he defiantly engages in a staring session with the Empress Dowager - my mum.

Or how he sleeps at night. Like this.

One short low-fat vanilla latte!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I've decided to change Rebel's shampoo from Earthbath to Vetbasis not because the former wasn't doing its job in keeping him clean, but his coat has getting brittle and dry. And frankly, the Shampoo smelt like a heavy-duty hairloss product that a Client of mine sells.

Vetbasis Conditioning Shampoo I've bought is a 2-in-1, and a mere 355ml bottle costs a whopping S$24.90. Hell, even my Shampoo doesn't cost that much. The Vanilla Musk scented one I brought contains natural herbal extracts, DEA & Alcohol Free, conditioning proteins, hypo-allergenic and pH balanced. Damn, I sound like I'm writing an ad.

I just gave Rebel a shower. He smells absolutely heavenly. Like a short low-fat vanilla latte. Yummy.

Dawg Player

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Apprehension soaked my mind thinking about bringing Rebel out for 2 consecutive house parties on Saturday. He is as sociable as I am with 25 godknowstheirbloodynames relatives sardine-packed in a 2-bedroom apartment in Yishun. The last time I brought him out for a house party was during Christmas, and he looked so moody that night, it was as though Pro Plan decided to shut their business down.

We embarked on a very expensive cab ride to a friend's place in Stratmore Avenue. Rebel's newfound sociability took me by surprise. Not only was he friendly (minus the fact that he was particularly rude with a certain man), he was gracious enough to share his toys with the resident Maltese, K.

And then I discovered why the sudden generousity - Rebel has a crush on K. Here's him flirting shamelessly with K...

And then he went on telling me all about it.

I decided to head over to Gen's place, which is about 10 minutes drive at Sixth Avenue, before Rebel starts humping K. When we got there, Rebel continued his good behaviour and started flirting with a lady. God knows where he learnt to go for the toes...

His tactic must've worked. Soon after, Lady wanted to take a picture with sonny boy. That lucky bastard.

More than 5 hours later, Rebel finally got tired and stopped hopping about Gen's place like a baby joey. And I got tired of losing my money to Gen (the spell's broken, my yin is not as strong as her yang... this is by far the first time I've lost to someone else in Blackjack!). So there we were, sleepng on Gen's sofa like 2 babies...

Sorry, there aren't any pictures of us sleeping. The rest were way too busy playing mahjong.

18 nails

Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Hey it's me Pat..."

"Simi taichi?"

"Tell me, does your dog have 4 or 5 nails on each of his back legs???? Mine has only 4 each! And I felt a 5th ingrown one!!! How??!! Normal anot!!!"

"I call you back."

5 minutes later...

"Hello, its NORMAL lah! My dog also has 4 nails each on the back! I thought what! Haiii..."

"How about the ingrown nail? Normal meh?"

"Normal lah!"

"Oh. Ok! Thanks!"


I'm a Virgo. I deserve the right to be paranoid.Here's my poor baby boy before being locked up in the Kitchen on the first day of Chinese New Year. He's been marking his terriority on our new dining table carpet and as such, my mum adamantly refuses to let him roam about freely without my supervision. Since its not exactly my home to begin with, the only thing I can do is to try to stop Rebel from marking. I feel a great pain when he gets locked up alone. :( Hopefully he'd get the message soon. Afterall, he has already figured how to sit on command (as of yesterday).