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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Rebel's ALT enzyme level is 918. The normal level in a dog is 118. That means he is potentially suffering from liver necrosis. That means he would die.

I brought Rebel down to the Animal Recovery Centre hospital at Balestier Road today for a blood text and an x-ray. He has been vomiting for the longest time, and neither the Vet nor I could figure out what's wrong.

I was told by the Vet to stay strong and positive, so as to avoid causing Rebel any unnecessary stress. "Rebel will notice," said Dr. Sulyni. I'm not sure how am I suppose to stay positive, especially when my son's ALT enzyme level is 9 times more than average. I asked the assistant before we left the hospital if Rebel would die. I was given the "it all depends in each individual" non-committal crap-ass answer. I got specific and asked "ok, well would he die in the next couple of years?" "No." the assistant replied half-heartedly.

Dr. Sulyni, on the other hand, was much more comforting. She said that while Rebel's ALT enzyme level is definitely high, she has seen dogs who have higher levels, and are still alive. She continued by saying that it is a good thing Rebel's appetitate and energy level has not decrease and between having a kidney or liver condition, she would prefer the latter.

There are no cure for liver problems, but the liver apparently has the ability to heal by itself by means of regeneration of cells. Hence, Rebel is now on a liquid diet and debridat tablets for his liver. Additionally, the floor should not be mopped with floor detergent as he's suspected of consuming amounts of such by licking. It doesn't help that my maid is too lazy to mop the floor an extra time with water. She has been letting the detergent-coated floor dry by itself and I've been too tactless to notice that Rebel could've been consuming the harmful chemicals.

I'm really feeling awful today. I wish I could take Rebel's pain away. I'm just glad he put up such a brave front when he got his blood drawn out by this HUGE syringe and had to undergo an x-ray without me by his side.


Red Light

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rebel stopped traffic today. Literally. This morning during our walk, Rebel began running after a couple of 7/8 year old boy and girl. You see, Rebel likes chasing after other people for some strange reason. But usually, after following them for about 5 steps or so, he'd turn back and run towards me.

Today he didn't. Instead of running towards me, from about 50 metres from where he was at, he continued running after the couple of pertrified kids. The stupid boy got really scared and started running across the road. Dumb fucking ass. Hasn't his mum told him that little Chihuahuas can't kill? Hasn't TV taught him that if a dog runs after him, the last thing he should do is to run because that encourages the dog to run faster?

Again, dumb fucking ass.

At lighting speed, I sprinted after Rebel and shouted at the boy "DON'T RUN! DON'T RUN!" at the same time. My god. The last time I sprinted was about 10 years ago when I was in the school's track-and-field team. 10 years ago! Before I discovered Mr Phillip Morris and Johnnie Walker!

Thankfully, the boy realised he couldn't outrun Rebel and finally slowed down. I ran across the road, raised my hands up at the oncoming traffic, and whopped Rebel up into my arms, giving him a 5-minutes lecture no less.

And meanwhile, there were 4 cars on the left and 3 cars on the right, that were forced to break because of Rebel.

Great job, Rebel. Apart from trying to chew off my Tramadol pills again this morning (look, it was in my freaking bag, across the tabe... who would've thought Rebel would climb up like a cat to dig for my pills?), he tried to do a M:1:III stunt.

Dogs do not have 9 lives, my son.

The Long Stretch

Saturday, May 13, 2006

He does that every morning, from my pillow all the way down the bed.

Keep Out-of-reach from Rebel

Sunday, May 07, 2006

It has been a frightening day, today. I woke up to find Rebel chewing on my Tramadol capsule wrapper. He had taken them off my desk (which my bed's aligned next to) since he got bored trying to wake me up. I was shocked to see a dent on a capsule. Tramadol, or at least, the ones I take for my menstrual cramps, is extremely strong. Hell, you can even die from an overdose if you're not careful.

And Rebel was this close in taking one. What if I didn't wake up in time? Good god, It 's scary just thinking about it.

And yeah, now all my pills are concealed out of his reach. Now I know why pills need to be kept out of reach from children. I'm just sorry I was so irresponsible.

Dinnr at Gen's

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I haven't been blogging of late because I do have a life, and trust me, this couple of weeks has been awfully trying. Still, I survived. And tonight, I may be bringing Rebel over to Gen's place for dinner. No, dinner's for humans. He ate his beef & cabbage stew already anyway.

Will update soon.

By the way, I do have a complaint about my son. Like all insensitive men, he won't look at me in the eyes when he kisses me. :P