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Good news. Bad news.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rebel and I have just spent 6 hours at the clinic for a barium x-ray. A barium x-ray consists of about 4 - 5 x-rays conducted periodically, in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour and 2 hours and so on. 5 syringes' worth of cocaine-like barium liquid was forced down Rebel's throat and the flow of the liquid was tracked by means of the x-rays.

At 15th minute, it's in his stomach. At 30th minute, it flows into his small intestines. At 60th minute, it fills his small intestines and starts to move into his big intestines. You get the picture.

So in between the time slots, Rebel and I had absolutely nothing to do but to watch CNA in mute. It was initially bearable but soon, Rebel had to find something to do. Like walking up 2 long flights of stairs to the animal wards (yeah it's both a clinic and an animal hospital), leaving me wonder where the hell he went. And helping out the ladies at the reception (no shit, he did... ).

At 2pm, after his 2nd x-ray, I carried Rebel out to grab a bite. He laid obediently on the seat next to mine while I had my lunch. At that point of time, I really felt like a single mother, god knows why. Here's how my baby looked.

By the time we returned to the clinic for his 3rd and 4th x-rays, Rebel lost his patience and became awfully temperamental. He started barking violently at the staff for no rhyme or reason. I don't blame him actually. The waiting time was truly a pain in the ass.

The last straw came when our pint-size friend here tried attacking a husky. "Tried" only because I managed to pull him up on the bench in time. God knows what Rebel was thinking because the husky's dick alone is longer than his body! He must've been really moody. In fact, he got so moody and incorporative that for the 3rd and 4th x-rays, that I had to help hold him down! I'm probably diffusing out radiation as we speak right now. Here's him sulking away, waiting for his turn.

Here's him declaring himself as the official door bitch.

From the blood test we took earlier (murphy's law: when we were trying to draw blood out from Rebel's leg, the amoutn gathered was pathetic... the moment we pulled the syringe out, he started bleeding...), we found that his ALT level at 75 has returned to the safe zone of 10 - 118. That means he doesn't suffer from liver necrosis anymore. Thank god.

Unfortunately and fortunately, we aren't able to detect the cause of his vomiting from the barium x-ray at all. It appears that his body's normal, and at very most, the only thing we can do now is to change his diet. Ruling out chicken, eggs, potatos, rice... what else can I feed him? Seafood?

I hope he recovers soon. Damn. You won't want to know how much I've chalked up for his medical bills.. S$1,450 ++ since April! That's enough to buy 2 Rebels. Maybe I should get him a female bitch to fuck. I mean, since you're sick, you may as well enjoy life a little more right? Let's hope nothing bad happens to my poor baby whilst I'm away in Europe.


Bloody Hell

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rebel puked out what seemingly looked like a stream of blood in this mixture of white fluid yesterday morning. That brought us back to Dr. Su this morning, waiting for 2 hours before we could see her.

Rebel hates waiting. This is his "Ok, I'm not pissed off yet, but if you don't get here soon, Imma bite your fingers" look.

According to Dr. Su after his diagnosis, his puking of blood might not be as serious as we thought because it was an ad-hoc incident, and it was right after he started his diet on pumpkins. So yeah, no more pumpkins, just more pills. Pray for him would you?

And oh, being horny, he tried humping a female doberman who was at the clinic too. The owner wasn't too pleased, but instead of finding the balls to tell me off, she decided to turn her fat face as black as her bitch. I didn't appreciate the lack of courage and told her "Hey in case you didn't hear me the first time, I said I'm sorry. So get over it.". Not a bad move I thought. Cos she ended up speechless, and went outside the clinic to wait instead. Hehe.

Yeah, I'm a bitch too. But hello? If you have a problem with me, you tell it to my face ok? I have already apologised. What do you want me to do? Get Rebel to hump your fat ass too? Fucking get over it and move on to bigger (pun intended) issues already. Like go to a slimming centre or something.

Here's baby boy on his throne. Hmmmph.

Clean freak

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Like his owner, Rebel's incredibly anal when it comes to cleaniness. After peeing on the papers each time, he'd wipe his paws on the kitchen mat.

You should see it in action. It's really cute.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

I've got great news!!! Rebel had another blood test today, a week since we were last told of his liver necrosis illness, and guess what? Rebel's ALT level has dropped from the original 918 to 353!!! Yay!!! It's still 3 times higher than the acceptable range but fuck man! It went down 2-thirds!

Damn I'm really happy!

353! 353! 353!

Now let's try to hit 118!

118! 118! 118!

Fuck I sound like I'm at an auction.

Moody Rebel

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rebel isn't adjusting well to his new diet. He is eating alright (what choice does he have?) but his mood swings harder than Mike Tyson's boxing bag. With exception to me, he has been getting really fiesty with my family members. My not-too-pleased parents were prompt enough in updating me how Rebel attacked their knees (yeah he can jump pretty high) repeatedly.

In the past, Rebel would happily jump on the sofa and rest his body next to my mum, who'd be reading her evening papers. Now, she runs the risk of having her toes bitten off by Rebel. Yup, that's how tempermental Rebel has become.

He's still the same ol' same ol' with me, strangely enough. On the contrary, I thought he has become far more attentive of my existence. When I sleep, he'd watch the door like a hawk. Every time someone walks pass, or enter my room, his barking goes off in a far more sensitive manner than your 7-11 doorbell.

I'm bringing him in for a second blood test this Sunday. He's still puking, but it's pretty minimal this time. Hopefully, he'd recover... Really pains me to have to force a cocktail of tablets down his throat every day.

On a positive note, I discovered that my boy likes papaya! The only problem is, I have to feed him or he won't eat. Spoilt brat....