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When the both of us have nothing better to do

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sorry I'm such a lousy camera (wo)man.

Digging to the bottom of the matter

For the first time ever, watch Rebel "LIVE" thanks to YouTube.com! Like to see more? Let me know.

Finding Peace

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I love this photograph I took earlier of Rebel taking a nap next to me this afternoon. Looking at him sleep like that makes me feel at ease.

It's hard not to smile with this one below.

So motherfucking cute.

Home Alone

I've decided to leave Rebel to fend himself against loneliness at home, on the account that I have admittedly haven't given much effort in finding him a dogsitter. Apart from the half-dead arowana(or at least I think it's one) swimming in the fish tank, Rebel that poor bastard, had only his toys (hundreds if I may add) for company.

I pulled my lazy ass up this morning an hour earlier, just to walk Rebel for a bit. Funny how you tend to be nicer to a person (or a dog) when you know you're about to make him/ her upset. Then again, without that human tendency, I doubt I would get Daddy's Rolex Hee. Rebel was smart enough to pick up the sudden niceness. Perhaps he knew from last evening when my maid and didn't return, for he was moody as hell. Oh well.

On the whole, I thought Rebel did pretty well for his first day alone at home. Nevermind the fact that he rebelled against the obvious rules and went to my mum's room to poo (thing is, chihuahuas are too hygienic to shit where they sleep and thus my room was spared). Nevermind that he knew he would've pissed my mum so bad should he poo on her carpet. For the fact that it was his first day alone afterall, I will forgive him. Surprisingly, even my mum went easy on him. Tomorrow onwards, I doubt she will be as compassionate. Already, she left him on the top of our spinning washing machine this evening when I told her to keep an eye on him while I made my dinner. Nope, Rebel doesn't like feeling giddy.

Oh by the way, that's how Rebel looks when snoring with his paws up in the air and a semi-hard on. Life's unfair. It's cute if you're a dog, but if you're a man, its just plain disgusting.